Mansion taken over by squatters hosting drug-fueled ragers

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – A luxury mansion in Beverly Hills, listed for sale, has been overrun by squatters who have transformed it into a hub for wild parties. John Woodward, the court-appointed broker for the property on Beverly Grove Place, reported that the unauthorized occupants moved in during late October and have since been residing there.

Woodward expressed his frustration, noting that taxpayers are footing the bill for utilities, while the squatters allegedly charge rent for rooms and host large-scale parties throughout the night. Woodward’s primary concern is to sell the property to comply with court orders.

According to Woodward, an individual illegally changed the property’s locks and codes with the help of a locksmith, before leasing it out to multiple people. He estimates that the squatters could be making over $30,000 a month by renting rooms and charging $100 entry fees for their extravagant parties.

The continuous parties have become a significant nuisance to the upscale neighborhood, resulting in frequent police calls. Woodward claimed that the police have visited the property at least 50 times due to complaints about the disruptive gatherings.

Ownership disputes have complicated the situation surrounding the $4.5 million estate. The property was formerly owned by orthopedic surgeon Munir Uwaydah, who fled to Lebanon after being implicated in the murder of his model girlfriend, Julianna Redding, aged 21.

Woodward has sought help from local authorities, but the squatters have produced a counterfeit lease, leading the police to classify the issue as a civil matter. Local residents who appealed to District Attorney George Gascón’s office to cut off utilities were informed that squatters have certain rights. Gascón’s office has yet to respond to requests for comment.