Massachusetts chiropractor arrested for spying on naked patients with spy cam

A Massachusetts chiropractor has been arrested for allegedly secretly recording his patients while they were naked in the bathroom of his practice. Scott Kline, 44, was charged with photographing an unsuspecting nude person after a patient discovered a suspicious plastic coat hook with a hidden camera inside the restroom of Kline’s Peabody Chiropractic business, Back on Track. The patient took photos of the device and confronted Kline, who pleaded with them to keep it a secret. However, the patient and another individual reported the incident to the police, leading to Kline’s arrest.

The patient noticed an unusual coat hook hanging on the wall next to the toilet tank in the bathroom. Upon closer inspection, they discovered a small blue light emitting from the hook, indicating the presence of a hidden camera. The patient took pictures of the device, which appeared to have a lens, a USB port, an on/off switch, and an SD memory card. They immediately confronted Kline, who begged them to keep the discovery confidential.

The patient and the other individual contacted the police, who conducted a search of the office bathroom. Although the disguised camera had been removed, a velcro strip remained on the wall where the victim had reported it. A police dog detected evidence that an SD card had been attached to the strip. Kline initially claimed to have disposed of the camera by stomping on it and flushing it down the toilet. However, the police found the camera locked in a drawer in the office, along with hard drives containing a significant collection of pornography and work-related material.

The police discovered hundreds of homemade images and videos featuring women in various stages of undress and engaging in sexual activity. Some of these images and videos were taken inside the medical practice, including on examination tables. However, they were not used as evidence because the encounters appeared to be consensual and did not involve patients using the bathroom. Additionally, the police found a list containing the names, ages, and number of sexual encounters with 117 women.

During the investigation, Kline admitted to placing the camera in the practice’s bathroom but denied using it to record anything. He has reached out to several clients, dismissing the charges as false accusations and rumors. Kline was released on $10,000 bail and has since returned to work. He did not respond to requests for comment.

The case is ongoing, and further legal action may be taken as more evidence is gathered.