Roadrage shooting leads to car smashing into a restaurant

A road rage incident in California has led to a manhunt for the suspects involved in a shooting that resulted in a vehicle crashing into a pizza shop. The Hayward Police Department reported that the incident, which took place on Friday, involved a Chevy Avalanche pick-up truck and a stolen white Toyota Corolla.

The situation took a dangerous turn when shots were fired from the Toyota Corolla at the Chevy Avalanche, which subsequently crashed into a Round Table Pizza outlet on Foothill Boulevard. Santiago Munoz, the manager of the pizza shop, described the incident as terrifying, stating that he heard a loud noise before seeing the vehicle hurtling towards the shop.

In a further twist, Munoz was assaulted by a teenager who exited the truck after the crash. The police have suggested that the incident was likely triggered by road rage. Hayward Police Department spokesperson, Cassondra Fovel, warned the public to be cautious on the roads, as it’s impossible to predict whether other drivers are armed.

The incident is currently under investigation by the Hayward Police Department, but no arrests have been made at this time. Further information about the incident is yet to be disclosed.