McDonald’s employee shoots woman to death during argument

HENDERSONVILLE, NC – A man was apprehended by local authorities following a fatal shooting at a McDonald’s restaurant where he was employed. The incident occurred on Monday morning on Four Seasons Boulevard, according to the Hendersonville Police Department.

When they came to the scene of the crime, officers discovered a woman who had been fatally wounded by a single gunshot. The investigation revealed that the 30-year-old female victim had been involved in a dispute with another woman at a nearby bus stop. The second woman sought refuge in the McDonald’s, with the victim following her inside.

The store manager intervened, separating the two women. The victim left the premises but returned shortly after, encountering the manager and a male employee. During this interaction, the victim allegedly made physical contact with the male employee, who responded by shooting her with a concealed firearm. He subsequently fled the scene in his vehicle.

The suspect was later apprehended at an elementary school attended by his child. A school resource deputy, having been informed of the incident, recognized the suspect upon his arrival at the school. Although there was no indication that the suspect intended to harm anyone at the school, it was placed on lockdown until he was taken into custody.

The suspect, whose identity has not been disclosed, was transported to the police station so that he could be questioned. Authorities have stated that he will be charged with first-degree murder and held in the Henderson County jail. McDonald’s has yet to comment on the incident.