More than 2,600 dead following massive bombardment in Gaza

GAZA CITY, GAZA РThe Israeli military’s counteroffensive into Gaza continued through the night, with airstrikes targeting the governmental centers of Hamas in Gaza City. The relentless bombardment carried on into the early hours of Tuesday, following a promise from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of a retaliation against the Islamic militant group that would have lasting effects.

In a televised address to the nation, Netanyahu stated that the strikes against Hamas were just the beginning. He further emphasized that the actions they would take against their enemies in the coming days would have a lasting impact.

In the al-Rimal neighborhood of Gaza City, Palestinians were seen inspecting the damage caused by the Israeli airstrikes early on October 10, 2023. Israel has been issuing warnings to civilians in areas of Gaza City and other locations targeted for strikes, providing them with a brief window to evacuate and thus minimize civilian casualties.

Hamas, in response, has threatened to execute captured Israelis if strikes are carried out on civilians without prior warning. Israel has reported that Hamas is currently holding over 150 soldiers and civilians hostage in Gaza.

The conflict is anticipated to escalate further, with the possibility of Israel launching a ground invasion to remove Hamas from Gaza. On Tuesday morning, the Israeli military reported that it had regained control over areas near the Gaza Strip border with Israel, which had been breached in a surprise attack on Saturday.

The Israeli military also reported the recovery of approximately 1,500 bodies of Hamas militants on Israeli territory. The four-day-old conflict has already resulted in at least 1,600 deaths, following the invasion of the Gaza-Israel border by Hamas terrorists and subsequent attacks on towns and villages. For the first time in decades, Israel has witnessed gun battles in the streets of its own towns.