Migrant wanted for sexual assault in Los Angeles linked via DNA to murder of woman in Maryland

In a recent development, Maryland authorities have established a connection between a local murder case and a Los Angeles home invasion and assault incident that occurred earlier this year. The link was made possible through DNA evidence, although the suspect’s identity is yet to be determined. The revelation was made during a press briefing in Harford County, northeast of Baltimore. The authorities also released surveillance images and footage of the suspect, captured as he was exiting a house he is believed to have broken into in March.

The murder victim was identified as 37-year-old Rachel Morin, who went missing after leaving her home for a hike on the evening of August 5. Her boyfriend reported her absence later that night, and her car was subsequently found near a trail she often visited. Her body was found the next day, following extensive media coverage of her disappearance.

Col. William Davis of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, during the press briefing, suggested that Morin likely did not know her killer, describing the murder as a “potentially a random act of violence.” He also admitted that the suspect’s current location is unknown.

The DNA evidence collected from Morin’s body matched a sample in a national law enforcement database, leading to the link between the two cases. Davis did not provide further details about the Los Angeles assault, only stating that the victim was a young girl.

Authorities are hopeful that the public release of the surveillance footage will lead to the identification and arrest of the suspect. Davis also advised residents to exercise caution in the area where Morin disappeared. The sheriff’s office has increased patrols and Harford County officials have announced plans to install cameras along the Ma and Pa Heritage Trail, a former railroad route through the county.

Morin’s family, in a Facebook post dated August 10, requested privacy and compassion as they grieve. Morin, a mother of five and an avid runner, will be remembered with a 5K run planned by her family.