Twelve-year-old boy found shot to death on roadside

CANYON COUNTRY, CA – Twelve-year-old Willian Ayala was found dead on November 5 in the Canyon Country area. He was unresponsive on the side of the road with a fatal gunshot wound. His mother, Sulma Ayala, is left searching for clear answers about her son’s horrifying death.

Willian left his home late on the night of November 5. Sulma assumed her son returned later and went to bed. The following morning, however, she was confronted by detectives sharing the heartbreaking news: a body resembling Willian had been discovered in a deserted area on Sand Canyon Road.

Investigators indicated that another young boy had accompanied Willian around the time of the incident and that the gun was unintentionally discharged. But Sulma is questioning the narrative. Particularly, she wonders why the other child did not seek help immediately. The circumstances surrounding where and how Willian’s body was discovered have raised even more doubts about the investigator’s current conclusions.

Frustrated, Sulma sought to see her son’s body, confirming for herself that he had sustained a gunshot wound to the head. She is also eager to know more about the other boy involved in the incident. While investigators are not yet commenting, their investigation is ongoing and information gathering is currently in progress.

The case will soon be handed over to the district attorney, who will ultimately determine if any criminal negligence occurred and whether charges will be filed. Sulma is left to mourn her son, remembering him as a good boy who didn’t deserve to meet such a tragic end.