More than 19 cars smashed into by vagrant driving RV in California

A chaotic scene unfolded on a bustling California interstate when a motor home crashed into 19 vehicles during rush hour, as confirmed by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The incident, which took place on I-580 eastbound in northern California around 6:04 p.m. on Monday, involved a white motor home that began ramming into multiple vehicles.

The aftermath of the multi-vehicle collision was captured by Alan Wang, who described the scene as the motor home “plowing through everyone and just kept on going down the road, smashing into cars.” The motor home’s reckless journey through the congested traffic resulted in injuries to an undisclosed number of individuals, with the CHP yet to release the exact count.

Wang’s footage paints a vivid picture of the chaos, showing one car tipped over and others bearing significant damage. “A guy in an older model RV came smashing by and hit me,” Wang shared. “Smashed into everybody.”

After causing the pile-up, the motor home sped away, with CHP officers hot on its trail. A patrol officer from Dublin, California, spotted the vehicle traveling at 35 mph and passing cars on the right shoulder. Despite crashing into another vehicle on the off-ramp, the driver continued his reckless journey.

The officer tried to stop the motor home, but the driver refused to yield. The chase led them down an off-ramp to a less congested road, where the motor home eventually broke down, leading to a standoff. Roughly 18 minutes later, the suspect surrendered and was apprehended. The CHP has yet to release the suspect’s identity or the total number of individuals injured during the incident.