Three teens injured in Times Square shooting

Three teenagers were injured in a shooting that occurred during an argument in Times Square on Monday night. The incident took place on 7th Avenue, between West 42nd and 41st streets, at approximately 11:50 p.m. This area is typically crowded with people, and as a result it is designated as a gun-free zone. However, this did not prevent the devestating gunfire from breaking out.

Video footage shows investigators meticulously searching the scene for evidence in their investigation. They ended up discovering four shell casings at the site of the shooting.

According to authorities, the altercation unfolded when the three teenagers engaged in an argument with another individual. Two of the victims, aged 15 and 18, sustained gunshot wounds to their thighs and were transported to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition. Later, a 17-year-old arrived at Harlem Hospital with a gunshot wound to his arm. The suspect fled from the scene of the crime and remains at large. Police believe that the victims and the suspect were acquainted, suggesting that the shooting was not a random act.

Law enforcement officials continue to investigate the incident, searching for leads that may lead to the arrest of the suspect. The motive behind the argument and subsequent shooting remains unclear at this time. Authorities are working to determine the relationship between the victims and the suspect, hoping to shed light on the circumstances that led to the violent encounter.

Although the incident occurred in an area designated as a gun-free zone, the shooting still took place with life-altering consequences. This shooting has raised concerns about the effectiveness of such designations in deterring criminals with violent motives.