Most-wanted trafficker’s false identity exposed

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Authorities announced on Friday the capture of a man, who has been on Oklahoma’s most-wanted list for human trafficking charges, after living under a false identity for over two decades.

The man, known as Feng Jiang, was arrested in New York City on October 24th, in relation to a warrant issued in a human trafficking investigation led by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN). Subsequent investigations revealed that Jiang had been using a fabricated name and birth date for more than 20 years.

Upon his return to Oklahoma this month, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) conducted a fingerprint analysis, revealing his true identity as Le Feng Jiang. The analysis also uncovered a Final Order of Deportation issued in 2001 and an active Deportation warrant, as reported by OBN Director Donnie Anderson.

Jiang became a person of interest after OBN received a tip about possible sex trafficking at a residential location in northwest Oklahoma City in October 2022, alleged to be a brothel.

Investigative efforts revealed that Jiang had been given a final deportation order in 2001 but managed to stay in the country by assuming a false identity for over two decades.

OBN investigators kept a close watch on the alleged brothel, concluding that around a dozen women were trafficked there between October 2022 and February 2023.

Jiang, along with another man, Jian Lin, were identified as the operators of the brothel. Evidence suggests that the majority of the clients were managers and administrators from commercial marijuana farms.

While Jiang is currently in custody, Lin remains on the run and is believed to be in the Oklahoma City area, as per authorities. Jiang is accused of continuing to traffic women in Oklahoma, even while living in New York as recently as October 2023.

In September, both Jiang and Lin were indicted on two counts of human trafficking. Lin also faces charges in Canadian County, linked to a recent arrest for distributing the drug ketamine. Despite Jiang’s arrest in New York City last month, Lin continues to evade multiple warrants in Oklahoma.