Murder suspect accused of killing his mom and stuffing her body in a box

BROOKLYN, NY – A Brooklyn man, charged with the murder of his mother, has been temporarily moved from city incarceration to Bellevue Hospital for a mental health evaluation due to a hitch in key evidence. According to sources, David Drummond, 30, who reportedly suffers from schizophrenia, could end up being released if cleared after his mental health assessment.

Drummond is charged with the murder of Shirley Awer, 67, with her remains found in a box in the East Flatbush apartment they shared. However, an autopsy to confirm the cause of Awer’s death is yet to be completed. Because of this, the proceedings have been delayed even further. Drummond’s alleged statement to the police about hitting his mother cannot be validated without the autopsy report.

Without an autopsy result, prosecutors have been unable to present their case to a grand jury, and the delay has resulted in Drummond’s case remaining in a standstill. Subsequently, on November 9, a judge ordered that Drummond be moved to the civilian unit at Bellevue for a mental health evaluation.

However, concerns arise as the law does not allow potentially dangerous individuals to be held indefinitely unless deemed an immediate danger.

Sources say Drummond’s father had previously reported escalating threats from his son against Awer in the weeks leading up to her death. Drummond will return to court for his next appearance on February 22.