Naked ex-CEO arrested for public intoxication and domestic abuse

Scott Fischer, the ex-CEO of the popular ice cream snack company Dippin’ Dots, was arrested in front of his house.

Last Tuesday, a heated argument with his girlfriend over his drinking habits spiraled out of control, according to the Nichols Hills, Oklahoma police.

Fischer, 43, reportedly came home intoxicated from work that day. This led to an argument with his partner. Later, around midnight, Fischer allegedly brought the argument back up until it turned into a physical altercation.

According to the report, Fischer forcefully grabbed his girlfriend and applied pressure to her throat. She managed to strike him in self-defense and tried to escape, but the conflict moved into the living room.

Fischer allegedly assaulted her even more, throwing her over the couch and striking her chest. Police reported finding evidence of the fight on the couch’s seat cushions.

Fischer’s girlfriend, in a desperate bid for safety, dialed 911, but was interrupted when Fischer allegedly snatched the phone from her. She managed to run away from the house shortly after.

When police arrived, they reportedly found Fischer in a disoriented state. He was standing naked with an expressionless face. Officers on the scene described his movement as a “circular sway” and noted that he seemed drunk.

Fischer now faces charges including domestic violence by strangulation, public intoxication, interference with an emergency call, and indecent exposure. He has contested these allegations, arguing that they have been misrepresented, and expressing regret over the incident.

The former CEO has a history of similar incidents. In 2018, he was arrested in a drunk-driving car crash. He also was sued by an ex-girlfriend in 2021 for non-consensually distributing intimate photos of her.