Young woman killed and six others shot at birthday party

The Antioch shooting in northern California has left the local community reeling from tragedy, as it is still unclear what motivated the attack that left one woman dead and six people wounded.

The incident happened in the early morning hours of Sunday, and police were called to a home located in Antioch, California, following reports of gunfire at a 19-year-old’s birthday party. Witnesses and neighbors claimed they saw uninvited guests arrive and, soon after, an outbreak of panic and gunshots.

The unnamed 18-year-old woman who died of her injuries was among six other victims, ranging from 18 to 20, who sustained less serious gunshot wounds. Many of the victims reportedly drove themselves to the hospital.

The police are currently working to identify who was behind the shooting, as they have not confirmed the exact number of assailants nor their known acquaintanceship with anyone at the birthday party.

The police are interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence in order to piece together what took place and to get to the bottom of the event. They asking anyone with information on the shooters or video of the events to come forward.