Naked woman causes chaos by firing gun on busy California bridge

In a shocking incident during rush hour, a naked woman in California caused chaos on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge by firing a gun at occupied cars. The bizarre scene unfolded on Tuesday, as the woman brandished a gun at another driver before stopping in the middle of her lane, wielding a knife and yelling at other motorists. She then proceeded to exit her vehicle at a toll plaza, this time armed with a gun and completely unclothed, firing randomly at the cars behind her. Miraculously, no injuries were reported, and the suspect’s motives remain unclear.

California Highway Patrol got an emergency 911 call from a driver who reported that another motorist had threatened them with a gun on the I-80 span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. The incident occurred around 4:40 p.m. during rush hour. The unidentified woman initially stopped in the middle of her lane, got out of her car, and began yelling at other drivers while brandishing a knife.

After resuming her journey towards Oakland, the woman made another stop at a toll plaza. This time, she emerged from her vehicle completely naked and armed with a gun. She proceeded to fire shots randomly at the cars behind her, as captured on video footage. Fortunately, law enforcement officers arrived on the scene and were able to convince her to drop her weapon without incident.

Following her arrest, the woman was placed on a mental health hold at a local hospital. Once released, she will face unspecified charges. The motive behind her actions remains unknown. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, which serves approximately 40 million people annually, was closed for over an hour in the eastbound direction, causing residual delays throughout the evening.