Man jumps off Carnival cruise ship in Florida

A man has been reported missing from a Carnival Cruise ship after he was seen jumping overboard. The man, 30-year-old Jaylen Hill, was traveling to Florida when the incident happened. Hill’s relatives, who were also on the cruise, reported his disappearance to the ship’s staff on Sunday.

Upon reviewing the ship’s security footage, personnel discovered that Hill had jumped off the ship when it was about 95 miles away from Melbourne’s coast. Hill’s travel companion informed the crew of his absence late Sunday afternoon, after he had not been spotted all day.

Despite a thorough search on the ship, the cruise line confirmed that Hill had indeed jumped overboard. The cruise operator immediately notified the authorities about the incident and was instructed to continue its journey to Jacksonville.

In this difficult time, the Carnival Care Team is providing support to Hill’s family. The cruise line expressed its condolences and thoughts for the missing passenger and his family. The ship, known as Carnival Elation, was on its way back to Jacksonville after a four-day trip to the Bahamas.

The Coast Guard is spearheading the search for Hill. According to WFLA, the Coast Guard has dispatched the 87-foot cutter Tarpon from St. Petersburg, a Hercules aircraft from Clearwater, and a Miami-based Ocean Sentry aircraft.