Navy officer accused of murder-for-hire plot that killed woman and her 10-month-old baby

KINGSTON, JAMAICA – A U.S. Navy petty officer, Leoda Vanessa Bradshaw, 34, has been arrested on allegations of masterminding a murder-for-hire plot targeting a woman and her baby in Jamaica. The victims, Toshyna Patterson, 27, and her 10-month-old daughter, Sarayah Paulwell, were kidnapped and killed in the disturbing incident.

Bradshaw had a relationship with Phillip Paulwell, a member of Parliament from Kingston East and Port Royal, and considered him her spouse. Sarayah Paulwell was reportedly Phillip Paulwell’s daughter as well.

While visiting Jamaica on September 6, Bradshaw allegedly planned with three men, including her cousin Roland Balfour, Richard Brown, and Roshane Miller, to abduct and murder Patterson and her child as an act of vengeance. Bradshaw made partial payments to the men as part of the scheme.

The murder plot was executed on September 9, with Bradshaw transporting Patterson and the baby from their Kingston home to St. Andrew, where the men awaited. Patterson and her daughter were forcibly taken to East Kingston, where they were killed by the armed men. Subsequently, their bodies were burned and disposed of.

Although authorities did not explicitly reveal a motive for the killings, Bradshaw, along with the other suspects, now faces multiple charges, including conspiracy to kidnap, conspiracy to murder, kidnapping, and capital murder. The U.S. Navy confirmed Bradshaw’s affiliation as a petty officer assigned to a talent acquisition team in Miami, expressing cooperation with investigative and law enforcement authorities.

Phillip Paulwell shared a statement expressing his grief over the tragedy and his desire for justice to be served. He did not acknowledge a relationship with Bradshaw and emphasized his full cooperation with the investigation.

Bradshaw, Balfour, Brown, and Miller have appeared in court and are awaiting trial. Attorneys for the accused maintain that they intend to plead not guilty.