New Orleans DA carjacked at gunpoint

NEW ORLEANS, LA – A chilling encounter unfolded for District Attorney Jason Williams and his mother when two armed individuals seized their vehicle in the heart of New Orleans’ Lower Garden District. The perpetrators, armed with sophisticated firearms, couldn’t enjoy their catch for long as the vehicle’s key fob remained with Williams, preventing them from escaping too far.

Williams took a moment to appreciate the New Orleans Police Department’s relentless effort in crime handling, expressing relief that both he and his mother emerged unscathed. He shed light on the carjackers, mentioning they weren’t seemingly young, and had swiped some items, including belongings of his mother.

Highlighting the broader crime scene, Williams vocalized that many others in the city are victims of such distressing events. The gravity of the situation was further validated when the same suspects allegedly carjacked a young woman shortly after their encounter with Williams.

In an ethical move, Williams has chosen to remain at arm’s length from the case’s prosecution, entrusting it to Attorney General Jeff Landry’s department.

Williams has been echoing concerns over the surging crime rates for some time. The recent episode accentuates the urgency with which the matter needs to be addressed, although his methods have had their share of detractors.