New York Basks in Clear, Sunny Break After 11 Dreary Cloudy Days – NWS Predicts Continued Bright Skies!

New York City, New York finally saw a break from the dreary 11-day streak of cloudy skies on Saturday, bringing a promise of clear, sunny weather set to continue into next week, according to the National Weather Service.

The overcast and cloudy conditions, which had been lingering over the city since January 22, are finally giving way to clear, sunny skies. NWS meteorologist John Murray, based in New York, confirmed that while there was little rainfall, the clouds had been stubbornly covering the city for the past week.

Last week, both Central Park and the JFK and LaGuardia airports experienced cloudy conditions that completely blocked out the sun, as reported in the NWS daily climate reports. But on Saturday, the gloomy weather finally lifted, and the city enjoyed clear, sunny skies, a welcome change from the recent overcast conditions.

According to Murray, the clear and sunny weather is expected to continue through at least Wednesday, with higher-than-normal temperatures also sticking around. While the end of January saw highs in the low-to-mid 40s, the next few days are forecasted to have highs in the low 40s, bringing some relief from the harsh winter weather.

Interestingly, New York experienced more overcast conditions than notoriously gray Seattle, with 97.8% average daylight cloud cover compared to Seattleā€™s 93.3% as per Fox Weather reports. Additionally, Buffalo in the western part of the state experienced overcast or partly cloudy skies every single day in January, making the break in New York City’s cloudy streak even more significant.

The city brings a collective sigh of relief as the clear, sunny skies mark a welcome change from the prolonged and gloomy weather pattern that had persisted for 11 days. With the promise of continued clear weather, New Yorkers can finally look forward to enjoying the warmth and brightness of the sun over the next week.