Trump: ‘Some Changes’ Expected at RNC Amid Criticism of Chair Ronna McDaniel – Exclusive Interview

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – In an interview on Sunday, former President Trump indicated that he anticipates a shake-up at the Republican National Committee (RNC), specifically in reference to its chair, Ronna McDaniel. Trump expressed a desire for changes within the committee and distanced himself from any influence on its operations.

During the interview, Trump also addressed concerns about the Democrats outpacing the Republicans in fundraising, asserting his personal financial support. He made it clear that there is a demand for change within the RNC, emphasizing that he has no direct involvement in its proceedings.

Trump acknowledged McDaniel’s previous work in Michigan and her initial performance at the RNC, but suggested that changes may be on the horizon. This comes after criticism from various quarters, including from former GOP presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy, who called for McDaniel’s resignation citing the party’s electoral setbacks under her leadership.

McDaniel has previously faced challenges to her position, successfully retaining her role as the RNC chair despite opposition. However, recent criticisms regarding the committee’s financial management and her public remarks have brought her leadership into question once again.

In response to recent statements by McDaniel, indicating that the Republican party should unite around Trump as the likely nominee, questions have arisen about her decision-making and the direction of the party. This has fueled speculation about potential shifts in leadership within the RNC, as the party continues to navigate its future following electoral defeats.