Obsidian’s Response to Avowed Criticism Revealed – What’s Next for the Highly Anticipated RPG?

Irvine, California – Obsidian Entertainment has addressed concerns regarding its highly anticipated fantasy RPG, Avowed, acknowledging that there is still work to be done before players can fully experience the game for themselves.

During a recent appearance on the Dropped Frames podcast, Avowed Game Director Carrie Patel discussed the ongoing development of the game. Patel emphasized that while the team has offered glimpses of the game to the public, these demos are based on somewhat dated builds, and the team is continuously working to improve the game.

Despite only being showcased a few times, Avowed has generated a lot of feedback and discussion. Patel mentioned that the team closely monitors online commentary and incorporates it into their internal discussions. This feedback has helped them identify and address areas for improvement in the game.

One of the most notable aspects revealed about Avowed is that the game will feature multiple endings, a characteristic that fans of Obsidian’s previous titles will appreciate. However, players will not be able to engage in romantic relationships with companions as they embark on their adventure, and they will only have the option to play as a human or elf character.

Avowed is scheduled for release on PC and Xbox Series X | S later this fall. In addition to this, Xbox head Phil Spencer announced plans for a business update, sparking speculation about the company’s future plans in the gaming industry.

Overall, the team at Obsidian Entertainment continues to work on refining and enhancing the gameplay experience for their upcoming title, Avowed, as they strive to meet the high expectations of eager fans.