Oliver Bearman Reveals Emotional F1 Number Choice and Lewis Hamilton Message – Must-Read Story!

London, UK – Newly signed Haas driver Oliver Bearman recently shared the story behind his choice of race number in Formula 1, along with a touching anecdote about a video message he received from Lewis Hamilton as a child.

Announced ahead of his home British Grand Prix, Bearman’s 2025 contract with Haas marks his transition to a full-time F1 seat after a one-off appearance for Ferrari in Saudi Arabia. The young driver will be using the number 87 for the upcoming season, a number that holds special significance for his family.

Reflecting on his journey to F1, Bearman expressed his excitement about sharing the track with racing legends like Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. He recalled a video message from Hamilton years ago, motivating him to pursue his dream of reaching Formula 1.

While Bearman had been in contention for the Haas seat for some time, it was only after the recent Austrian GP that the final decision was made. He emphasized the uncertainty in the fast-paced world of F1, where nothing is official until a contract is signed.

The emotional moment of securing his place in F1 was shared with his manager, who has been a constant support throughout his career. Bearman also reminisced about the video from Hamilton, which was arranged by a family friend and served as a source of inspiration during his journey.

Looking ahead to racing alongside his childhood idols, Bearman expressed gratitude for the opportunity and acknowledged the surreal experience of competing against drivers he once looked up to. The upcoming season promises exciting prospects for the young talent as he prepares to make his mark in the elite world of Formula 1.