Police are searching for suspects who poured acid on playground slides resulting in burns to children

At a school playground in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, two children were injured and the playground itself destroyed when a group of perpetrators invaded the area and poured acid on the slides early Sunday morning.

After an extensive investigation, it has been confirmed that the numerous perpetrators had gone to great lengths to get their hands on the dangerous chemical, including scaling two fences and entering a restricted area through a ventilation shaft.

The Longmeadow Fire Department has reported that the suspects may have been burned and exposed to the muriatic acid themselves, and that their clothing may have been degraded by contact with the chemical.

The school has taken quick action in the wake of the attack, isolating the area and hiring a specialist contractor to clean the affected portion of the playground.

Law enforcement has yet to produce a description of any suspects in the incident, imploring that anyone with information or security footage to come forward and assist authorities with their investigation.

The attack has raised fears of security around playgrounds, schools, and other public spaces and the potential dangers of dangerous chemicals.