Pro basketball player charged with missing woman’s murder

HENDERSON, NV – A professional basketball player from the Stockton Kings, part of the G-league, is being charged in connection to a woman’s murder. Chance Comanche, 27, and his girlfriend Sakari Harnden, 19, have both been arrested in connection to the incident, according to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

The alleged murder victim has been identified as Marayna Rodgers, 23. Police discovered her remains in a barren region of Henderson, a town near Las Vegas. Rodgers, a medical worker from Washington State, was last seen on December 6 while on a trip to Las Vegas with some friends. Rodgers was reported missing the very next afternoon.

Detectives discovered that Rodgers had planned for a pre-arranged meeting with the couple around the time of her disappearance. Police investigations suggested evidence of guilt on the part of Comanche and Harnden, leading to their arrests.

Comanche’s apprehension by the California FBI Criminal Apprehension Team in relation to the disappearance is believed to have been on Friday. On being issued a warrant for first-degree kidnapping, Comanche was sent to Sacramento County Jail. He will be extradited to Nevada in time. Comanche was released by the Stockton Kings the same day, and a team spokesperson refused to comment on the issue.

The team performed against the G-league Ignite at Henderson, a day before Rodgers reportedly disappeared. It is not known how long Comanche had stayed in Las Vegas, although the Stockton Kings had another game lined up at Portland, Oregon, on December 7.

Harnden was arrested for first-degree kidnapping charges on December 13 in Las Vegas. The state court has commanded Harnden to bear $500,000 bail and enforced high-level electronic tracking. The court has also demanded immediate updates on Rodgers’ condition.

Comanche’s court appearance is set for Tuesday afternoon in Sacramento County court. Meanwhile, Harnden faces another unrelated charge of theft in the same court, involving the stealing of at least one Rolex watch.