Prosecutors suspect missing woman who was having an affair is dead in a remote area

Prosecutors have revealed that the body of missing Colorado woman Suzanne Morphew has been located in a difficult spot. Morphew, who disappeared during a bike ride on Mother’s Day in 2020, is now presumed dead. The 11th Judicial Deputy District Attorney, Mark Hurlbert, stated in court that they have more than just a feeling about the location of Morphew’s body, and the sheriff’s office continues to search for it.

Prosecutors initially accused Morphew’s husband, Barry Morphew, of murdering his wife after she decided to leave him. However, in April 2022, they requested the dismissal of the murder charges without prejudice. The case file for Barry Morphew was released by a Colorado judge on Monday, revealing text messages from Suzanne that suggest both she and Barry were involved in extramarital affairs.

In one message to a man named Jeff Libler, Suzanne expressed her deep affection for him, stating that nobody loves him the way she does and that she craves time with him. Another message from Suzanne to Libler indicated that he was the only real love she had known. Barry’s attorney, Iris Eytan, claimed that her client was unaware of Suzanne’s two-year affair with Libler, who she believes has not been fully investigated by law enforcement.

The text messages also revealed Suzanne’s suspicion that Barry was having an affair. She accused him of being happy with his mistress and bullying her when they were together. Suzanne sent a text to Barry in March, suggesting that they needed to resolve their issues amicably.

Prosecutors had previously expressed confidence in finding Suzanne’s remains, but they have yet to be recovered. Hurlbert acknowledged that gathering evidence to prove Suzanne’s murder could take a long time, depending on the progress of the investigation. Eytan criticized the district attorney’s office for changing their timeline and claims, stating that they initially believed Suzanne would be found in April 2022 but now suggest it could take years.

Barry Morphew filed a lawsuit against Colorado prosecutors, alleging that they violated his civil rights with the false accusations. Eytan stated that her client had been wrongfully arrested, jailed, and prosecuted for a crime he did not commit. She vowed to hold those responsible for this miscarriage of justice accountable. Eytan also filed a complaint against the district attorney and other prosecutors, accusing them of ethical violations and disregarding the rights of Barry Morphew and his daughters.

As the search for Suzanne Morphew’s body continues, her husband and daughters expressed their longing for her and their hope that law enforcement will use all available resources to find her. The case remains ongoing, with many unanswered questions surrounding Suzanne’s disappearance and the circumstances leading up to it.