Road rage incident ends in gunfire

Gunfire erupted on the I-75 on Saturday in a display of road rage between two truck drivers, according to the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office.

The confrontation started the Georgia-Tennessee border, where onlookers watched a truck allegedly try to push another off the road while changing lanes. The situation intensified as the vehicles proceeded southward into Gordon County.

One of the truckers decided to escalate things further, using a handgun and firing at the driver’s compartment of the rival truck. The other driver was hit by flying glass shards from the bullet’s impact.

Despite his injuries, the victimized driver managed to place a 911 call and then pursued the shooter into Bartow County. The shooter, a 25-year-old man from Boynton Beach, Florida, was arrested as a result.

In the meantime, the injured trucker was found at a truck stop near the Cass-White exit. Deputies from Bartow County located him and he was treated for his injuries.

The Boynton Beach man is now facing multiple charges, including aggravated assault, aggressive driving, and pointing a pistol at another person. He currently remains in custody, with a bond hearing pending, the deputies reported.