Shooting breaks out on university campus

Alabama A&M University was placed on lockdown on Tuesday following a shooting incident that resulted in two individuals being injured. The Huntsville Police Department has stated that the shooting appears to be an isolated incident stemming from an argument between the two individuals involved. Contrary to initial concerns, there was no active shooter threat on the campus. The injured parties were able to transport themselves to the hospital, with one person driving to Huntsville Hospital and the other being taken into custody on campus. Both individuals sustained minor injuries.

The lockdown was lifted at 6:40 p.m., and the campus was declared safe. Huntsville Police will now take over the investigation. Campus police chief Montrez Payton expressed relief that no other students were harmed and commended the students for promptly alerting campus police, emphasizing the importance of student involvement in maintaining a safe campus environment.

Eyewitnesses recounted the chaotic scene that unfolded during the incident. A&M Senior Nuke Mills, who was present in the cafeteria at the time, revealed that the altercation began over a dispute about food. Mills was alarmed once he realized that the two students were armed, and he quickly left the cafeteria to seek safety. The incident has left Mills feeling fearful and questioning his decision to continue attending the university. A&M Junior Madison Thomas, who heard the gunshots from across campus, expressed a similar sentiment, stating that she now feels unsafe on campus and worries about the potential for similar incidents in the future.

Campus police chief Montrez Payton emphasized the importance of students feeling secure on campus and encouraged them to report any concerning situations promptly. As the investigation goes on, the identities of the individuals involved in the shooting will not be released until they are booked into the Madison County Jail. The Huntsville Police Department is in the process of obtaining assault-non-family-gun warrants for both parties.