Woman accused of beheading boyfriend

In a shocking turn of events, a Las Vegas woman, Devyn Michaels, 45, has been taken into custody on murder charges. The victim, her boyfriend Johnathan Willette, 46, was found decapitated in his bed by his own mother. Michaels, who is being held without bail, confessed to assaulting Willette with a wooden stick on August 7, citing his abusive behavior as the reason.

According to the arrest report, Michaels stated that her intention was not to kill Willette but to injure him to the point of hospitalization. She believed this would provide her with the necessary time to plan for her future.

The Henderson Police Department was alerted to the gruesome scene by the victim’s mother. Upon arrival, they found Willette’s decapitated body in bed, with bleach and ammonia bottles nearby, suggesting an attempt to clean the crime scene.

Further investigations led the police to Michaels’ residence, where they found Willette’s damaged cellphone with a blood-like stain. A search of her bedroom revealed a bag containing Willette’s personal items, including his ID, truck keys, wallet, and Social Security card. The victim’s mother later reported a missing meat cleaver from her kitchen.

During a lie detector test, Michaels exhibited a significant reaction when questioned about her involvement in Willette’s death. She continued to assert that Willette was abusive.