Shooting erupts in Kroger parking lot

FORT MITCHELL, KY – A man is nursing a non-fatal neck wound following a shooting incident in a Kroger store parking lot on Dixie Highway, Fort Mitchell, according to local police. When officers arrived at the scene of the crime, they found a crashed vehicle blocking the exit and saw an ongoing dispute. They then detained everyone involved.

Authorities said an unidentified man suffering from a gunshot wound was transported to UC Medical Center for treatment.

The owners of a Ford Fusion, which had been reported stolen in Ohio, had managed to track the car to the parking lot’s gas pumps using a mobile app. A confrontation ensued between the car owners and the alleged thief, during which one owner fired a handgun. The owners claim the shot was fired in defense of one owner’s life, when the thief attempted to drive off with the owner on the passenger side of the stolen car.

The alleged thief then reportedly fled in the vehicle, crashing into a red pickup truck whose owner was shopping inside the store.

Chief Rob Nader of Fort Mitchell police highlighted the far-reaching effects of such crimes, expressing the impact on other people beyond the fear instilled in the community. He further emphasized the immediate need to assure the public that the police had the situation under control.

The people involved were not named, and no arrests have been made at present. Nader cautioned against civilian attempts to handle such situations, calling for police involvement to mitigate the risk of anyone getting hurt or killed.

Police have requested anyone with more information about the incident to get in touch with them as their investigation continues.