Car thief steals car from armed robbers in the middle of a robbery

COMMERCE CITY, CO – A trio of armed robbers in Colorado experienced an unexpected twist when their getaway car was stolen, leading to the arrest of two of them, according to local law enforcement.

The three masked individuals targeted the Hi-Lo Check Cashing business in the Denver suburb of Commerce City in the late morning hours, as reported by the Commerce City Police Department on Tuesday.

In a surprising turn of events, a female thief took advantage of the situation, making off with the vehicle the robbers had presumably stolen for their escape, as detailed in a police Facebook post on Tuesday.

The unexpected theft left the robbers with no choice but to attempt to escape on foot. Their unplanned foot race, however, ended in the arrest of two of the suspects.

A surveillance video from the scene captured the moment the female thief commandeered the robbers’ vehicle, leaving the three criminals stranded at the scene of their crime.

The police department humorously commented on the situation, stating that the robbers had been “bested by an industry colleague.” They added that because of the female thief’s actions, they were able to apprehend two of the suspects, both juvenile males, and recover two firearms.

The search for the third suspect is ongoing.

Despite the chaotic series of events, no one was injured during the incident. The authorities expressed a mixed sense of gratitude towards the female car thief, stating, “So ma’am – whoever you are – we’d like to shake your hand. Then slap a pair of handcuffs on it because you’re also facing Motor Vehicle Theft charges.”