Six Milwaukee teens shot after Juneteenth celebration

In the aftermath of a Juneteenth celebration in downtown Milwaukee, six teenagers were wounded by gunfire. Milwaukee police sprung into action, responding to a call at Rose Park near the city center, shortly after 4:21 pm on Monday.

The victims, ranging from 14 to 19 years of age, comprised of four girls and two boys. Fortunately, none of their injuries were life-threatening, as confirmed by Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey B. Norman during a press briefing.

It’s believed that a clash among the teenagers was the catalyst for the shooting. Among the injured is a 17-year-old boy who the police are considering a suspect. The police are still searching for other potential culprits and continuing their investigations into this unfortunate incident.

Eyewitnesses reported a scene of chaos and panic when the shooting started. A witness recounted seeing two girls injured, one limping with a wounded leg and another lying injured on the ground.

This incident closely follows another distressing mass shooting event that took place during a Juneteenth celebration in Willowbrook, Illinois, over the weekend. That tragic incident left one person dead and 22 others injured.