Son recently released after violent assault murders mother and her boyfriend

BRADENTON, FL – A man from Florida, previously charged with a violent assault on his mother and her partner, is now facing murder charges for their deaths. This comes less than three weeks after his release from jail, local law enforcement reports.

Thomas Matejcek, 36, is accused of the brutal murder of his mother, Patty Matejcek, 62, and her boyfriend, Sean Harrison, in their Bradenton home on November 10. He is currently facing two counts of second-degree murder.

Patty’s sister, Krista Kale, expressed her frustration and despair on a GoFundMe page, stating that Patty had suffered years of physical, mental, and emotional abuse from Thomas. She criticized the courts for their lack of intervention and protection, despite numerous pleas for help.

According to authorities, this is not the first time Thomas Matejcek has been involved in violent incidents with the couple. In 2020, he accepted a plea deal for allegedly suffocating his mother with a pillow and threatening her life. In May, he was charged with assaulting Harrison and injuring Patty, violating a protective order in the process.

Despite his violent history, Matejcek was deemed unfit to stand trial and was conditionally released to the Mary Jennings Group Home on October 23 by Circuit Court Judge Frederick Mercurio. The conditions of his release included outpatient psychiatric and substance abuse treatment. Failure to comply would result in his return to jail.

However, despite leaving the facility on his first day, no action was taken by the court until after the murders. On November 10, local law enforcement responded to a 911 call from a neighbor who reported hearing screams. Matejcek was found near the scene and was quickly apprehended.

Three days post the murders, Judge Mercurio signed an order to detain Thomas without bond for failing to comply with his release conditions. The court, an attorney for Thomas, and Kale have yet to comment on the situation.