Teen boy dies after being beaten by a mob outside of high school

LAS VEGAS, NV – Jonathan Lewis, a 17-year-old boy from Las Vegas, has recently passed away after being attacked by a group of approximately fifteen teenagers near Rancho High School on November 1. The youth stood up for a smaller friend who had been the victim of theft by the gang, according to a GoFundMe page started by his family.

On November 1, around 2:05 p.m., police officers discovered the battered teenager bleeding from a head injury. He was admitted to the University Medical Center and placed on life support but succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday despite the doctors’ consistent lifesaving efforts.

Jonathan’s father, who shares the same name as him, urged the attackers to understand the gravity of their actions. The teenage victim, who mostly kept to himself, was planning on relocating to Austin, Texas, to live with his father.

Footage of a violent encounter showing a group of teenagers continuously kicking the victim as he lies on the pavement appeared on social media in the aftermath of Lewis’s death. Reports suggest that Jonathan had tried to intervene on behalf of a friend who was victimized by the same group. The father, referring to his son as “courageous,” conveyed his intention to donate his son’s organs in an attempt to help others.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has initiated a homicide investigation, although no arrests have been made so far. However, several students involved in the attack are expected to be charged with murder, according to updates shared by the victim’s family.

Lewis was described as a dedicated older brother and an aspiring artist in the GoFundMe page captioned ‘Heart of a Champion Our Son,’ created by his father.