Teen daughter finds both of her parents dead in murder-suicide

A Hyrum, Utah couple were found dead in their home in a possible case of murder-suicide. The couple’s 16-year-old daughter was the unfortunate discoverer of the tragic scene.

According to nearby residents, there were no discernible indicators of severe issues between Dustin and Heather Preece.

Initial reports from the police suggest that Dustin fatally shot his wife in the bedroom, then relocated within the house before turning the weapon on himself. Sheriff Jensen confirmed that weapons were recovered from the scene, as well as other evidence pointing towards this conclusion.

While the exact motive remains unclear, police records show no previous involvement at the Preece residence. There are suggestions that Dustin might have been battling depression.

To aid the recovery of the teenager from the traumatic events, Cache County Victim’s Advocate Services has promised their support. This could include psychological counseling and assistance with housing.