Teen finds hidden camera in airplane bathroom, parents blame flight attendant

BOSTON, Massachusetts – A Massachusetts family is alleging that an American Airlines flight attendant used a hidden camera to invade the privacy of their 14-year-old daughter. The plane was traveling from Charlotte, N.C. to Boston Logan International Airport on September 2. The incident has been described as a “potential criminal act” by Massachusetts State Police.

The teenager’s parents, who wish to remain anonymous, shared their daughter’s traumatic experience in a recent interview. They said their daughter was directed to the first-class bathroom by a male flight attendant, who insisted on entering the restroom first under the pretext of washing his hands. The flight attendant then allegedly left a cell phone, disguised with red tape, in the bathroom.

Key Points: According to the family, the teenager discovered the phone after using the restroom and took a photograph of the device. The flight attendant allegedly reentered the bathroom immediately after the teenager exited. When the girl’s mother attempted to check the restroom, the phone was no longer there.

The family reported the incident to the flight crew, who informed the captain. Upon landing, law enforcement officials were waiting to investigate the matter. The family was escorted off the plane first and provided statements to state police and the FBI. The male flight attendant was also escorted off the plane by officials.

The teenager was later asked to identify a phone presented by detectives, which she confirmed was the same device she had seen in the bathroom. Despite the family’s platinum status with the airline, they claim that American Airlines has not reached out to them since the incident.

The FBI confirmed their involvement in the investigation but declined to provide further comment. The family’s attorney, Paul Llewellyn of Lewis & Llewellyn LLP, expressed outrage over the incident and urged anyone with information to come forward. American Airlines stated they are cooperating fully with law enforcement, emphasizing that safety and security are their top priorities.