Florida teen arrested in connection with fatal shooting and attempted suicide

RIVERVIEW, Florida- A 14-year-old boy was apprehended by Florida authorities on Saturday following a shooting incident. The deadly gunfire resulted in one fatality and another person critically injured. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office reported that the incident occurred in the afternoon on Lynmoor Drive, where the young suspect was seen fleeing the scene with a firearm.

The incident unfolded in a quiet neighborhood, where the sound of gunfire shattered the peaceful area. The teen, whose identity has not been released due to his age, was reportedly seen running through the area with a handgun. The swift response from the local law enforcement prevented further escalation of the situation.

Upon arrival, deputies encountered the teen attempting to retrieve his weapon. They responded by shooting him in the hand with a rubber bullet, a non-lethal measure taken to prevent the suspect from causing further harm. Sheriff Chronister praised the deputies for their quick thinking and intuition, stating that they believed the teen was contemplating suicide.

As the situation was being de-escalated, emergency units were dispatched to a nearby home where a man had sought refuge after being shot multiple times. He was immediately transported to a local hospital in critical condition.

While taking the teen into custody, deputies discovered a second victim, an unresponsive woman in a nearby driveway. The woman, who was related to the suspect, was pronounced dead at the scene. The scene of the crime was described by Sheriff Chronister as “one that nightmares are made of.”

The sheriff’s office confirmed that the investigation is ongoing. The teen is believed to have shot and killed his mother, shot her boyfriend multiple times, and attempted to shoot his older brother.