Teen girl killed in shooting, several others injured

MADISON, WI – A 15-year-old girl lost her life in a shooting incident on Tuesday night, which Madison’s police chief has labeled a “cowardly act of violence.” The incident, which left more than 50 shell casings at the scene, has sparked outrage and grief in the community.
Police Chief Shon Barnes expressed the collective pain and anger of the community during a news conference on Wednesday. He assured the public that the department is committed to seeking justice for the victim’s family. Officers have been diligently working, canvassing the area of the shooting, which took place at Harmony Apartments on Madison’s east side. They continued their search for witnesses and evidence into Wednesday.

The shooting had a broad impact, with bullets striking multiple homes, some of which housed families and children at the time. Chief Barnes also provided an update on the other victims of the shooting. A 14-year-old boy remains in the hospital in stable but serious condition, while another 14-year-old boy has been treated and released. A 14-year-old girl suffered a graze wound and has been treated for her injuries.

All victims were students in the Madison Metropolitan School District. Interim Superintendent Lisa Kvistad stated that student services teams are offering support to students and staff members. She emphasized the district’s commitment to providing a safe environment that supports all students and staff.

In response to the incident, additional patrols will be provided to East and La Follette high schools, as well as Whitehorse Middle School. The police are currently investigating at least five suspects in connection with the shooting. Surveillance footage from the scene shows four individuals exiting what is believed to be a Lexus SUV and firing rounds indiscriminately.

Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway acknowledged the progress made by the Madison Police Department in reducing gun violence but emphasized that any gun death is one too many. An autopsy for the young victim is scheduled for Thursday.