Teen girl randomly shot at Walmart while shopping for shorts

An alarming incident unfolded in Aiken, South Carolina as Stephen Foreman, 32-year, is currently facing criminal charges following a shooting at a Walmart.

Authorities have yet to find the motive behind the act, or any relationship between Foreman and the victim.

The chaos at Walmart began around 7:30 p.m. Kari Johnson, a witness at the scene, recounted the terrifying episode.

She recalled the moment of horror when the crowd began running for safety, screaming about an active shooter. Her husband acted swiftly, ushering her to safety amidst the chaos.

As most people sought shelter, her husband moved towards the sound of the gunshot and discovered a 13-year-old girl. The young girl was suddenly shot by the attacker while she was innocently shopping for shorts.

Johnson criticized the lack of an established protocol for such incidents, as most store employees seemed unsure of how to respond. Despite the ongoing crisis, some shoppers attempted to enter the store, unaware of the gravity of the situation.

Foreman later contacted the police from a nearby KFC, informing them that he had left the firearm, a Colt 1911, on a store shelf. This was after he had allegedly instructed his brother to restrain the victims with tape. According to reports, Foreman made incomprehensible remarks before proceeding upstairs with keys to his brother’s gun safe.

The victims managed to free themselves during this time and took refuge behind the residence. One victim had hidden a phone, which they then used. In a surprising turn of events, Foreman drove himself to the Aiken Public Safety headquarters to surrender to the police.