Teen linked to stolen credit cards was stashing several fully automatic weapons

MAPLE GROVE, MN – A raucous birthday party at an Airbnb in Maple Grove, Minnesota, took a serious turn when law enforcement discovered 11 firearms, some of which were automatic, hidden in unconventional locations such as food wrappers, board games, and walls. The 17-year-old birthday celebrant was initially under suspicion for credit card theft after a resident from Shoreview reported stolen credit cards. These cards were quickly linked to purchases at a local Target, leading authorities to the suspect.

The tale began to unravel last Friday when a Shoreview resident reported unauthorized charges on his stolen credit cards, which were used at a Target between 11:40 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. This revelation led law enforcement to the Airbnb, rented out for what was supposed to be a limited-capacity celebration but instead turned into an overpopulated, alcohol-fueled festivity.

Upon arrival, law enforcement officers identified that there was a breach of the rental agreement: the attendee count exceeded the 10-person limit, and rules against weapons and smoking had been violated. Over 50 party-goers, ranging in age from 15 to 21, were ushered out. The individual who had rented the house was notably absent, leading to further speculation.

While attendees were leaving the venue, they were checked for weapons. It was in the ensuing search of the property that the hidden firearms were located. These guns were found not only in typical hiding spots like purses and backpacks but also concealed in a McDonald’s bag, game boxes, unfinished walls, and behind furniture. Many of these firearms were equipped with “switches” or “auto sears” allowing them to operate as machine guns.

With the safety of the community in mind, the weapons will now undergo ballistic tests to determine if they have previously been used in any criminal activities. Additionally, these firearms will be checked for fingerprints and DNA to trace their history. The police department’s swift action has undoubtedly prevented potential future crimes, as reflected in Ramsey County Undersheriff Mike Martin’s statement. He expressed relief that these weapons, now off the streets, won’t pose a threat to innocent lives.