Three hospital staffers were stabbed by a woman who entered and attacked them

NEWARK, NJ – A violent altercation in a New Jersey hospital resulted in two nurses and a medical student being stabbed in the pediatric intensive care unit on Friday morning. The incident occurred at Newark Beth Israel Hospital around 7 a.m., during a dispute between two visitors.

The alleged assailant, 37-year-old Firdousi Abdul-Hakim, reportedly used a sharp instrument to injure the hospital staff. The victims sustained lacerations and were promptly treated at the hospital’s emergency care unit.

The motive behind Abdul-Hakim’s alleged attack remains unclear. Some sources suggest that the suspect became aggressive when informed that the number of visitors was excessive, prompting her to attack the staff.

Abdul-Hakim is facing a series of charges, including aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a weapon, as stated by Newark Public Safety Director Fritz Fragé. Fortunately, no patients or family members were harmed during the incident.

The hospital released a statement confirming that their security officers, in collaboration with the Newark Police Department, responded promptly to the situation and apprehended the suspect. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.