Three young women killed in horrific Uber crash

In the early hours of Sunday, a horrific accident unfolded in Los Angeles, resulting in the death of three young women. The victims were passengers in an Uber vehicle that was struck by a speeding car. The California Highway Patrol confirmed that the crash took place near the intersection of Vermont Avenue and Century Boulevard in the Westmont neighborhood.

The vehicle responsible for the accident, a white Mercedes-Benz sedan, was reportedly speeding northbound on Vermont when it collided with a black Honda sedan, driven by an Uber driver. Eyewitnesses estimated the Mercedes was traveling at speeds of around 80-85 mph, possibly trying to beat a red light. The Honda, waiting at the light to make a left turn, was sent spinning across the intersection due to the force of the collision.

The three women, who were in the back seat of the Honda, tragically lost their lives in the accident. One of them was reportedly ejected from the vehicle due to the impact. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office identified the victims as Juvelyn Arroyo, 23, Veronica Amezola, 23, and Kimberly Izquierdo, 27.

The Uber driver, a woman, and a male passenger in the front seat were both seriously injured and immediately rushed to the hospital. The driver is currently in critical condition, while the male passenger, despite his serious injuries, is alert and stable.

The driver of the Mercedes, the only person in the car, was also taken to the hospital. His condition is unknown, and it is yet to be determined whether he will face charges. The police are in the process of interviewing witnesses and collecting video evidence to determine the reason for the Mercedes driver’s excessive speed. Initial findings suggest that neither drugs nor alcohol were involved, but the possibility that the driver was fleeing from another crime scene has not been ruled out.