Tourist submarine exploring Titanic ship wreck reported missing

More than a century after the Titanic set sail off the coast of England, the iconic wreckage remains a popular tourist destination. On Monday, tragedy struck when a tourist submarine, potentially carrying several passengers, went missing.

The shipwreck of the Titanic is located in the North Atlantic off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Boston Coast Guard has been actively searching for the submarine since Monday; however, with limited information available, their efforts have proven unsuccessful thus far.

The exact number of passengers on board the sub and who owned the vessel remain unknown. Several companies report offering costly tickets for tourists to view the shipwreck from a deep-sea submersible, ranging up to $250,000.

The Titanic’s fate is well-known, sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in two separate pieces after striking an iceberg, while en route to New York from Southampton, England back in April 1912.

Last month Atlantic Productions and deep-sea mapping company Magellan Ltd. provided a stunning new glimpse into the historic tragedy. Utilizing a team of remote-controlled submersibles, the duo collected over 700,000 scans of the wreckage, ultimately creating a 3D reconstructions of the ship for non-divers to witness.

The search for the missing tourist submarine continues, and the Boston Coast Guard is yet to provide any new information. As of now, the fate of the passengers on board remains unknown.