Wisconsin sex offender arrested for trying to abduct underage girl

The Janesville Police Department arrested a convicted sex offender in Wisconsin after attempting to abduct an underage girl. The suspect, identified as 55-year-old Daryl Holloway, was wearing a GPS monitor as part of his parole for a prior sexual assault conviction. The incident occurred in Janesville, approximately 70 miles southwest of Milwaukee. According to the girl’s report, she was being approached by a man in a vehicle who followed her and made inappropriate propositions.

According to the Janesville Police Department, the victim stated that after she declined the man’s advances. He exited his vehicle and forcibly grabbed her wrist, causing her to scream. Fortunately, a bystander heard her cries for help and intervened, prompting the suspect to retreat and flee in his car. The police were notified right away and launched an investigation into the incident.

Daryl Holloway, a registered sex offender, had previously been convicted of second-degree sexual assault with the use of force in 1986, resulting in a 10-year prison sentence. This conviction placed him on the Wisconsin sex offender list for life. However, in 1993, Holloway was wrongfully convicted of another sexual assault in Milwaukee. DNA evidence later exonerated him, leading to his release from prison in 2016. Despite his newfound freedom, Holloway has since been involved in various criminal activities, including burglary, possession of a firearm by a felon, as well as felony theft from a person.

In recognition of the wrongful conviction in 1993, the Wisconsin Claims Board awarded Holloway $25,000, the maximum amount allowed under state law. Additionally, they recommended a $1 million payout, pending approval from the Wisconsin legislature. However, as of now, the legislature has yet to approve the expenditure. Holloway’s recent arrest for the attempted abduction of an underage girl has resulted in charges of child enticement, abduction of another’s child, and a probation violation. He is currently being held in Rock County Jail.