Teenager fatally shot outside Waffle House

Authorities are on the lookout for the perpetrator responsible for the fatal shooting of a teenager outside a Waffle House in DeKalb County. The incident occurred in the early hours of Monday morning, prompting investigators to cordon off the restaurant’s parking lot with crime scene tape. The victim, a 19-year-old man, was shot twice by an unidentified gunman who approached him while he was eating on the curb. Investigators suspect the shooting to be the result of a botched robbery.

Authorities have not disclosed the victim’s identity, but an employee named Shanquisha Paden revealed that his name was Bernard Williams. Paden mentioned that she was keeping the teenager company outside the restaurant until his ride arrived. It was during this time that the assailant approached Williams, making advances and subsequently assaulting him. It was at this time that Paden called 911 for help from the authorities. The young victim was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital, but he ultimately succumbed to his injuries en route.

The shooter, described as a tall and thin Black man wearing a dark black hoodie and dark sweatpants, fled the scene on foot. Law enforcement officials are currently reviewing surveillance footage and seeking potential witnesses to aid in their investigation.

Waffle House, in response to the tragic incident, released a statement expressing its full cooperation with the ongoing investigation. The restaurant chain’s personnel are actively assisting authorities in any way possible. The DeKalb County Police Department is urging anyone with information related to the shooting to come forward.