Woman accused of double shooting in Miami Beach

In a recent unsettling event near a Miami Beach bakery, a woman has been accused of causing harm to two people. The incident reportedly unfolded near a popular bakery on Collins Avenue, where the atmosphere of a festival was disrupted by sudden gunshots.

Officers from the Miami Beach police force, who were present at the festival, responded to the incident on Monday afternoon. Their prompt response led them to a wounded man in the area, whose injuries indicated a gunshot to the leg.

In the course of tending to the injured man, the officers received information about the potential suspect. The woman, later recognized as 37-year-old Monica Santos-Gonzalez, was reportedly seen near Moises Bakery, just a few buildings down the road.

The officers quickly located Santos-Gonzalez outside the bakery, where they observed her holding a gun.

In an attempt to defuse the dangerous situation, the officers urged Santos-Gonzalez to let go of her firearm. She complied with the request, then proceeded to enter the bakery. Upon her detention, Santos-Gonzalez shared a heart-wrenching statement with the officers, asserting that her family had been harmed.

Subsequently, a second casualty was discovered. This victim, a woman, was located at the intersection of 73rd Street and Ocean Terrace, nursing a gunshot injury on her right thigh. The two wounded individuals were swiftly transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Santos-Gonzalez now faces a variety of serious charges. These include attempted murder, illicit possession of a firearm as a previously convicted criminal, and grand theft involving a firearm. Records inspections further disclosed that Santos-Gonzalez had a criminal record from Bridgeport, Connecticut, linked to a drug sales case.

On Tuesday, Santos-Gonzalez was brought before the bond court. Following a review of the case, the judge determined there was sufficient reason to uphold the charges.

Furthermore, the judge issued orders prohibiting Santos-Gonzalez from contacting the victims, the bakery, or returning scene to ensure the safety of all parties involved.