Woman arrested after stealing Sugar Daddy’s gun and shooting at young mother

SOUTH DAYTONA, FL – A volatile love triangle in South Daytona, Florida, took a dangerous turn when a woman allegedly fired shots at a vehicle carrying a toddler. The incident unfolded on the night of November 4, with authorities identifying 20-year-old Zehra Percy as the shooter.

The South Daytona Police Department reports that Percy was seen leaving an apartment with a man known only as Deonte. As Deonte’s girlfriend drove away with their one-year-old daughter, an unidentified person raised the alarm about a gun.

Percy, now confirmed as the shooter, is said to have rushed to a Silver Accura, retrieved a gun from the trunk, and discharged several rounds toward the departing vehicle. Percy is believed to be Deonte’s mistress, and the gun in question is said to belong to her sugar daddy.

The weapon was subsequently found during a traffic stop with Percy. Security footage appears to show Percy firing two rounds in the direction of the car. Although two shell casings were discovered at the scene, there were no reported injuries.

Prior to the shooting, Percy and the woman are said to have had a confrontation. Percy is now facing charges for shooting into a vehicle and has been released on a $5,000 bond.