Woman found with decomposing body sticking out of laundry pile

A Tragic Tale of Concealment: June Brown Faces Serious Charges After Death of 82-Year-Old Acquaintance June Brown, a 62-year-old resident of Forest City, North Carolina, is currently in custody on charges of concealing a body.

Her court case, quickly making its way up the criminal justice system ladder, carries the weight of a tragedy that began earlier this month.

On May 16, Forest City Police received a call with a disturbing report – a possible dead body at an apartment complex on South Church Street. Detective Chris Hopper and other officers responded to the call, and while Brown at first was not open to divulging information, she eventually let them in. Inside, the detectives found the corpse of her 82-year-old acquaintance, Karl Buehner.

Hopper stated that Brown and Buehner, who reportedly had only recently formed a relationship, had been there since the night before. A medical examiner reported Buehner had died from an overdose.

Brown elected not to contact authorities about the discovery of her friend’s body. Consequently, on May 31 she was arrested and is being held at the Burke County Jail under a $200,000 bond. Detective Hopper has warned additional charges may follow after the results of the autopsy have come to light.