Woman’s burning body found in remote area after making Facebook Marketplace purchase

Jermiera Ivory Fowler, a 31-year-old Alabama resident, was tragically murdered in a remote wooded area. Her body was found engulfed in flames.

Fowler was reportedly last seen completing a purchase she made through Facebook Marketplace.

The local police in Birmingham were alerted to a horrifying scene on Sellers Road on a late Thursday evening, following a report of a burning body. Firefighters on the scene extinguished the fire. This revealed disturbing evidence of violence on the victim.

It was soon established that Fowler had suffered from a gunshot wound prior to being set ablaze.

Herbert Brown, a long-term local resident, remembered seeing a big flame from his bedroom window. He initially assumed it was merely a trash fire. His curiosity led him to investigate further, only to discover the horrifying truth.

This grim revelation kept local law enforcement at the site well into the early morning hours.

The following day, the scene was marked only by the presence of charred foliage. Brown highlighted how remote the area of the murder was.

The investigation also uncovered Fowler’s vehicle in a separate location. The connection between her demise and her online purchase from Facebook Marketplace remains uncertain at this time, as it is not yet clear if she completed the transaction before her death.

The police continue their probe, treating the incident as a homicide. However, there have been no arrests yet.