Workout Secret Shocker: Experts Reveal the Best Order for Your Exercise Routine

New York, NY – Fitness experts are weighing in on the best way to structure your workout routine to help you achieve your fitness goals. According to NYC-based fitness coach and personal trainer Claudette Sariya, the structure of your workout is essential and will impact the overall outcome and consistency with your goals.

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends that adults engage in about 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week, along with two sessions of muscle-strengthening. This means that many individuals may try to fit both cardio and strength training into their busy lives, raising the question of which one should come first.

Sariya warns against starting any workout without proper stretching, as it helps to get the blood and oxygen flowing to your muscles. She also advises warming up with moves that mimic the larger part of your workout and full-body exercises with compound movements.

It is widely agreed among fitness experts that starting with weight training and finishing with a cardio workout is the most effective approach. This is due to the fact that weight lifting primarily uses stored sugar in the muscles, called glycogen, as its fuel source. Performing cardio before weight lifting can deplete this glycogen, resulting in decreased energy, making weight lifting more challenging.

The order of your workouts should align with your fitness goals. If your aim is to build muscle, then starting with weights is more beneficial, while those training for endurance activities such as a half marathon, should engage in cardio first.

In the end, Elle Wermuth, a NYC-based Barry’s instructor, advises individuals to do whatever makes them feel the most motivated. Any movement is beneficial for both the mind and body, with the most enjoyment leading to greater effort and presence during the workout.