Young mom brutalized for days by violent serial kidnapper

AKRON, OH – In a chilling incident, a woman was reportedly abducted and subjected to days of horrific abuse in an isolated garage in Kenmore, Ohio. The alleged perpetrator, William Mozingo, is accused of kidnapping the victim, assaulting her with a baseball bat, drenching her in gasoline, and threatening to ignite her.

On the 16th of October, the Akron Police Department, fully armed, enclosed the shed where the victim was imprisoned. Body camera footage captured the high-stakes standoff as officers demanded Mozingo to give himself up. After his apprehension, officers found the victim, 23-year-old Chloe Jones, concealed in a secret cavity in the ceiling of the garage.

Following her liberation, Jones was transported to the hospital and admitted to the intensive care unit for three days. She had sustained severe injuries, including facial fractures, intracranial hemorrhage, and fractures to her arm and fingers. Her mother, Jessi Barham, described the horrific ordeal as four days of relentless torture.

The police revealed that Jones and Mozingo were known to each other. Mozingo is alleged to have abducted Jones under the pretense of giving her a ride home in October. Instead, he drove her to an outdoor shed where he imprisoned her until the owner of the garage discovered them and contacted the police.

Jones’ mother detailed the horrifying abuse her daughter suffered. She was bound, soaked in gasoline, and threatened with being set ablaze. She was assaulted with a baseball bat and fists, held at knifepoint, and denied access to a bathroom, forcing her to urinate on herself.

Mozingo faces charges of assault, unlawful restraint, kidnapping, abduction, parole violation, and escape. He is currently detained in Summit County Jail with a bond set at $100,000. Mozingo’s criminal record includes incarceration for abduction in 2011, 2014, and 2019, and holding a woman at knifepoint in a Walmart restroom in 2017.