Defendant leaps over bench and attacks judge after being denied bond

CLARK COUNTY, NV – A local judge and a marshal sustained injuries on Wednesday afternoon following a violent outburst by a defendant who had just been denied bond. The defendant, identified as Deobra Redden, launched himself over the bench and assaulted the judge, an incident that was caught on video.

Judge Mary Kay Holthus was in the process of sentencing Redden when the attack occurred, according to the public information officer for the Clark County District Court. Redden was facing charges of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm.

The video footage reveals Redden’s attorney requesting probation for his client, to which Judge Holthus responded, “I think it’s time he got a taste of something else.” Moments later, Redden is seen leaping over the bench, arms and legs flailing, before landing on Judge Holthus.

While Judge Holthus was injured in the attack, she did not require hospitalization. A marshal, who was also injured during the incident and can be seen retaliating in the video, was hospitalized and is currently reported to be in stable condition.

In a statement released following the incident, the court praised the bravery of the staff, law enforcement, and others who intervened to restrain Redden. The court also reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the courthouse, courtrooms, judiciary, public, and its employees. The court is currently reviewing all its protocols and will take necessary measures to enhance security.

In addition to his initial charge, Redden now faces single counts of battery on a protected person resulting in substantial harm and battery, as well as two counts of battery on a protected person. He is scheduled to appear in court again on Thursday.